"Luke Kopp, a recent graduate from Wheeling Jesuit University, is a young mature adult who was and remains a key component to the University and his community. Luke graduated WJU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. Furthermore Kopp achieved honor status, Cum Laude, and was inducted into the National Criminal Justice Association, Alpha Phi Sigma and the Jesuit's National Honor Society, Alpha Sigma Nu.

Luke focused his concentration by conducting and studying research related to Digital Forensics. It is his future goal to be able to work with law enforcement agencies by working as a Digital Forensic Scientist.

Outside of the academia world, you can find Luke involved in the community. Whether it be capturing sporting memories as an avid sports photographer or serving as a game official, Luke is always involved in the action. Luke also has a desire to help others and to give back. If not on the court or field, you can find Luke involved in multiple organizations such as the American Legion, volunteering at the YMCA, or just serving as mentor to at-risk youth.

Luke has tremendous leadership skills that will only advance his future for success. Luke had fulfilled various leadership positions while at WJU including being the President of the Campus Activities Board, serving as a Luceat (first-year mentor), and also serving as a Resident Assistant in the residence halls. Furthermore Luke was crucial in the reestablishment of the Criminal Justice Club and enhanced the club by introducing a new component to the club by teaching students and community members how to defend themselves using martial arts style.

Currently Luke is fulfilling his leadership skills by serving Wheeling Jesuit University as a Graduate Assistant filling the Coordinator for Campus Activities."

I am a student of life, always looking to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills so I can help others.

  • Exceptional listener and communicator who effectively exchanges information verbally and in writing
  • Highly analytical thinking with demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work processes.
  • Computer-literate performer with extensive software proficiency covering wide variety of applications.
  • Flexible team player that thrives in environments requiring ability to effectively prioritizes and juggles multiple concurrent projects.
  • Goal-driven leader who maintains a productive climate and confidently motivates, mobilizes, and coaches employees to meet high performance standards.
  • Results-driven achiever with exemplary planning and organizational skills, along with a high degree of detail orientation.
  • Resourceful team player that excels at building trusting relationships with customers and colleagues.

Team Player

Computer Literate

Analytical Thinking


Computer Repair

Event Planning

Event Photography

Aug 2014

Coordinator of Campus Activities

Wheeling Jesuit University

Serving as the Coordinator of Campus Activities, I am charged with overseeing student activities and programs.  The Coordinator serves as an liaison between students, administration, faculty, and community members to aid in the success of the student programming.  As an coordinator, one typically works with a variety of social and economic backgrounds.  Furthermore, I am required to work evenings and weekends in order to supervise and attend the students extracurricular events.

In addition to serving as the Coordinator of Campus Activities, I share Residence Life responsibility on a professional staff call-rotation, which aid Residence Assistants (RA’s) and Campus Security in situations and incident that occur in the residence halls.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Coordinator of Campus Activities is overseeing the operation and success of Wheeling Jesuit’s campus bar, the Das Rathskeller.  Responsibilities includes lawful operations and establishing a safe and enriching environment for students and community members.  Furthermore, I also serve the Student Government Senate as their Moderator and organize the Student Development’s shuttle service.  Additional responsibilities include budget planning, scheduling events, enforcing University policies, marketing, program evaluation, supervising students work, and overall department development.

August 2011

Campus Activities Board

Executive Member

At Wheeling Jesuit University I have had the blessed opportunity to join one of the largest clubs on campus and become actively involved.  From my sophomore year to my graduation date I have been a member of the Executive Board of the Campus Activities Board.  Our mission was simple: to provide engaging activities for the student body.  By becoming a member of the executive board, I have strengthened my skill to serve as a leader and improve how I work within a team environment.  Serving in the various positions helped me to realize the importance that each member in the team plays.  Some of the skills I learned and developed throughout this organization have been organization, prioritizing, communication, conflict management, understanding, and sacrifices.

2010-11 – Executive Member serving as the Techie, where I provided the use of my skills and aid in the technical productions of our musical and competition acts. Notable Entertainment: Andy Grammer

2011-12 – Executive Member serving as the Secretary and Treasurer, where I was responsible for overseeing communication between the executive and general membership, run elections, provide minutes of meetings, maintain our social media networks, additionally to maintain and keep detailed records of our $80,000 budget.  Notable Entertainment: KapSlap

2013-14 – Executive Member serving as the Board President, where my responsibilities were overseeing office operations, aid in the programming of Last Blast, ensure our allocated budget of $100,000 is properly being spent and see to all bills and invoices are paid in a timely manner, maintain communication between the general and executive boards, run meetings, and oversee the Last Blast Concert.  Notable Entertainment featuring Mike Stud and Outasight, running on a $50,000 budget allocation alone.

April 2013

Stealey Recreation Center

Pool Manager/Summer Employment

Responsibilities include but are not limited to enforcing policies and procedures, which ensure efficient and effective operation of pool facilities including personnel management and training. Duties involve all swimming pool operations, including first aid, rotations, scheduling for staff, public relations, janitorial duties, limited pool maintenance including daily chemical analysis/testing, pool cleaning, cleaning of bathrooms & concession stand area, swim lessons, water aerobics and all other duties as necessary or required.

August 2012

Resident Assistant

Wheeling Jesuit

Responsible for providing various programs and paraprofessional counseling for residences, in a wing span of 30 male college first-year students. Conducts rounds throughout the building in order to assure security and enforcement of University policies, hold weekly meetings to address prominent issues, and provide the necessary tools to transition into the college atmosphere. Works close with Area Coordinators, other Resident Assistants, and Director of Student Life, in addition to the Dean to provide feedback that the residents suggest. Serving as a member of the Student Leadership and assumed additional leadership positions.

August 2010

Student Leadership

Wheeling Jesuit

Over my career at Wheeling Jesuit University, I have been engaged on various events and clubs on campus. I was also accepted into the various roles where I became a member of the elite students, the Student Leadership.

– Resident Assistant
– Criminal Justice Club, President
– Computer Science Club Participant
– Luceat – Peer Mentor for Incoming Freshmen
– Campus Activities Board, Executive Member
2010-11 Member, 2011-12 Archivist, 2012-13 Treasurer, 2013-14 President
– Campus Ministry – Eucharistic Minister, Alter Server
– Student Government, Senator
– Cardinal Connection, Photographer

June 2006

Harrison County Parks and Recreation

Head Park Leader/Summer Employment

With this in mind, the Harrison County Parks and Recreation Commission will develop, operate and maintain a county parks and recreation system which provides participation opportunities for all Harrison County citizens. This philosophy will be pursued in a professional manner and quality, always mindful of the public trust that this Commission has been given.

– Planning, Preparing, Implementing and Evaluating age appropriate activities.
– Developing positive, supportive relationship with participants, parents, volunteers, and staff.
– Monitoring performance of programs.
– Maintaining records and preparing reports.
– Preparing information and promotional materials.


Wheeling Jesuit University

Master's of Science in Organizational Leadership

Building on the disciplines of management, social sciences, law, philosophy, finance, psychology and research, the Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) degree program at Wheeling Jesuit University develops the intellectual and personal skills required of managers and executives in today’s ever-changing world.

August 2010

Wheeling Jesuit University

BA in Criminal Justice, May 2014

At Wheeling Jesuit University, our philosophy is rooted in the Jesuit educational tradition that spans more than 450 years. Academic excellence, a commitment to serve others and the desire to educate the whole person – these are the values that make a Jesuit education unique.

WJU prepare students for thinking in a moral context about relevant, global topics. The experiences our students gain prepare them for careers in boardrooms, classrooms, medical centers, laboratories and non-profit organizations among other exciting opportunities. No matter their career path, our graduates are making a difference in the world.

Educating for leadership is an integral part of your academic experience. Whether you are tutoring another student, campaigning for student government, implementing a service project, or rallying your teammates before a game, leadership is a trait that will enable you to serve others throughout your life.

A key component of the Jesuit outlook is taking part in service. That means getting out, getting your hands dirty and helping others who need it. That means challenging injustice, seeking reform and changing things. But it also means having fun learning about yourself and finding friends who share your passions.

Wheeling Jesuit University continues to provide their students with the necessary tools to expand their knowledge, particularly mine with Criminal Justice. Our facility, staff, and advisors are providing the resources and tools necessary to pursue my dream career by integrating Criminal Justice with Computer Science by expanding and developing a new concentration of Digital Forensics.

August 2006

Robert C. Byrd High School

High School Diploma, Cum Laude - Honor Graduate

As a student of leadership, I assisted the high school in various programs throughout my four years; served on Student Government, Technical Directors for school productions, served as a Student Athletic Trainer for various sports, and overall engaged myself within school activities.

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